Only Lyon - 観光とコンベンション

Sarah et Charlie sur les quais
Week-end en amoureux à Lyon
Petit déjeuner sur les quais du Rhône
Détente au restaurant Tête d'Oie
Relax sur dans les jardins de la colline de Fourvière

リヨンでの2日間、ONLYLYON 観光局の新しいビデオ


お好みの場所や最高の瞬間を一緒に体験して、思い出に残るご旅行を !




Markus Erat

10/12/2012 13:15

congratulations, very good job!
stunning, outstanding!
kind regards from germany
markus erat
Marine B.

20/06/2013 14:45

Bravo pour avoir osé un peu plus de créativité (par rapport à d'autres vidéos de promotion touristique), mais n'hésitez surtout pas à être encore plus inventif et innovant.
Et, à quand la fin du couple cliché?

30/09/2013 10:00

c'est une très belle ville, je suis aller trois fois en France, "Dunkerque, Poitiers, Lyon" mais Lyon reste la plus belle et la plus chaleureuse de trois autres ville un vraie bonheur, j'ai pratiquement tout visiter en huit jours et j'ai tout adoré.
à la prochaine visite INCHALAH
Arianne Townshend

30/09/2013 10:00

What an enchanting way to introduce the world to your beautiful city. Thank you so much!
Denis O"Shaughnessy

29/10/2013 10:00

Did not find this video particularly helpful. It is a nicely produced video but the lack of information as to what buildings/ places are on video and their locations was very frustrating. In addition, I found the music repetitive and annoying. By way of improvement I suggest that "flash cards" on the video with location information would add considerable value to the it.
Carlos B

18/11/2013 09:15

I agree with Denis..was trying to argue Lyon over Paris, stumbled upon this video and the thought was "we can walk around any city".

18/11/2013 09:15

I love Lyon.. Thank you for that funny teaser, at least a good one to promote my hometown!
David Green

10/12/2013 13:15

A wonderful film that confirms what we already knew that Lyon is just amazing.
Just a pity it so hard to get to from the UK.

Many Thanks

20/01/2014 12:00

I think that the video should show more of the city, and less food/people/designer clothes.

03/02/2014 15:00

told me vertually nothing - wanted to see landmarks and not ACTORS having a good time !!!
Jennifer del Mundo

10/02/2014 12:15

I was excited to view this video because Ill be going to Lyon in June and have only two full days to experience the place. However, I was a bit disappointed because, while it was a beautiful and well-produced video, it was not as informative as I had expected it to be. I was hoping to see a more travelogue format, as I think this one catered more for people who know the place and are just there for a getaway.
Ray Brown

24/02/2014 09:15

Lyon, a wonderful city with it's two rivers and wonderful charm.Also a foodies delight with the local "delicacies" but also a lot more with with the Paul Bocuse Brasseries for an example.Shame about David's comment about being difficult to get to as there are direct trains from St. Pancras.Happy travelling.
Clive Moore

24/02/2014 09:30

Definitely too much on the actors and too little on Lyon. The video fails to inform me about the attractions of the city.

04/03/2014 11:00

Not very informative on Lyon at all - too much on the two people having a good time - could have been anywhere

24/03/2014 16:30

he should have proposed!!!! ;)

31/03/2014 16:00

I'm going to Lyon in May and was hoping to get some ideas - I agree with Denis, there should be 'flash cards' discreetly appearing bottom right with what the location is that you're looking at, otherwise its a nicely produced video of people having a romantic weekend anywhere in France.

12/05/2014 12:30

Watched Anthony Bourdain's epsiode on Lyon. Wanted to go!!! Watched " 2 days in Lyon" video posted here and thought why bother. We can get that and more in Montreal or Quebec City. How could you get it so wrong??
Mike en Angleterre

22/05/2014 17:45

Lyon, une très belle ville! Plein de vie et beaucouo de coses à faire!

27/05/2014 16:45

Great informative video. Tells me exactly where to stay and what to see. Very precise and detailed info.

02/06/2014 14:00

Have to agree with Dale. Got totally psyched to go to Lyon after watching Anthony Bourdain's episode but this video dampened my enthusiasm. The actors are boring. I wanted to see more of the city, the culture, the food. That video could have been shot anywhere. C'est dommage.
Rob Sparks

17/06/2014 14:15

Excellent video, conveys a lot of information visually, I learnt a lot of what I can do and see in Lyon, now a definite destination for this summer holiday.

29/07/2014 09:15

Visiting it soon , just a couple of days ( may be one month ) and I'll be there :p

29/09/2014 09:45

Ein sehr schönes, spritziges Video. Genau so haben wir Lyon kennen- und liebengelernt. WIR LIEBEN LYON!
Bruno Houdoy

09/12/2014 12:00

Très belle dynamique dans cette vidéo qui donne réellement envie de s'évader à Lyon ! Dans sa prochaine version, vous avez certainement prévu d'ajouter l'emblématique quartier de La Confluence qui, à lui seul, devrait motiver de nombreux amoureux de notre 21ème siècle.
Gonzalo Godoy

16/06/2015 18:00

He regresado a mi país Colombia, luego de visitar una de las mas bellas ciudades de Europa en organización de transporte, arquitectura y amabilidad de la gente, luego de cinco días del evento en Ortopedia (ISAKOS) en uno de los Centros de Convenciones mas grandes y organizados. Definitivamente viajare nuevamente con mi familia.

25/06/2015 09:45

I found the video to be totally useless. It give no information as to what we're looking at.It would have made more sense to show a place and then give a little bit of information as to what the viewer is looking at. The music is a little loud and boring...surely there could be something that isnt so jarring. Really detracts from the whole experience.

07/07/2015 09:31

totally useless. No information on where this couple was, how to get there, etc.

15/07/2015 10:15

j'espere bientot venir a lyon pour voir ses belles villes la foire de lyon et surtout la fete de la lumiere aui attire chaque annee des millions de visiteures et pourquoi pas y travailler dans le domaines de la restaurations et fabriquer des samoussas nems bouchons etc... a tres bientot dans ce monde de reve
Jilliane Bolingbroke

25/08/2015 12:16

I will be visiting Lyon at the beginning of September and was looking for sightseeing information. Agree with other comments . nicely produced video although music too loud - but zero help on the buildings were seeing, which quarter were looking at and how to get there!




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