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Festival Lumière à la Halle Tony Garnier

5th Lumière Festival

From October 14-20, 2013, in around 40 cinemas and other venues throughout the Greater Lyon urban area.

We're counting down the days to this major annual film festival held throughout Greater Lyon!

We really love this event because it's a large-scale, inclusive film festival for young and old alike, where celebrities and film lovers gather to celebrate the films of yesterday and today in the city which was the birthplace of this fascinating art!

The festival naturally also provides a great opportunity to see original versions of major films, well-known, lesser-known or sometimes forgotten classics and restored copies, presented during a series of major retrospectives including: Henri Verneuil, Ingmar Bergman, a tribute to Christine Pascale, an actress and scriptwriter from Lyon, Germain Dulac, Hal Ashby, an often overlooked figure from the 1970s, … and Quentin Tarantino.

The Lumière Festival offers a host of unforgettable moments including a chance to meet actors or filmmakers, to find CDs and DVDs, to buy books and get them signed, to have a drink with the actors at La Plateforme or view exhibitions. All of this in a uniquely friendly and natural atmosphere, where professionals from the film industry come to talk about their work and to meet their fans in a non-promotional context.

The event includes a number of "must see" highlights, including: the opening and closing evenings, the Monty Python evening at the Halle Tony Garnier, the retrospectives, and the "young viewers Wednesday session" at the Halle Tony Garnier.

Not forgetting, of course, the awarding of the Lumière prize to Quentin Tarantino for his work to date, on October 18 at the Amphitheatre.

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