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Lyon is Yours - sur la Saône
En vélo sur les berges du Rhône
Les quais de Saône
Passerelle Saint Georges
Vue des berges du Rhône © Tristan Deschamps
Label Bouchon Lyonnais
Musée des Beaux-arts : façade en nocturne
Institut d'Arts Contemporain
Passerelle Saint Georges © Tristan Deschamps
Institut d'Arts Contemporain ©

In Lyon from the 5th to the 8th of December?

Did you plan to come to Lyon for the Festival of Lights?

Did you choose not to cancel your stay? You made the right choice.
 Make the most of your stay to discover a city that has much to offer in terms of food, events, leisure activities, and more.

Read on for a few ideas of things to see and do.

To begin with, we recommend getting the  Lyon City Card , which offers access to all of Lyon's museums, their exhibitions, the Biennial Contemporary Art Festival, and other attractions. This handy card also allows unrestricted use of Lyon's public transport system.

Guided tours

Next, you can book guided tours to discover the charms of the Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), the centre and Croix-Rousse districts. Did you know? With the Lyon City Card, you get one free guided tour.

On the evening of the 8th of December, the folk of Lyon will light up the town with candles. Don't miss this opportunity to see the city as it was every 8th of December for the Fête des Illuminations, before the creation of the Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights). After a walk along Rue de la République, you can also see the installation 'Regards', displayed on the banks of the Saône and Fourvière Basilica, which features exchanged looks and glances taken from master paintings, in tribute to the victims of November 13th. (Remember to wrap up warm!)

Don't feel like walking? 

Why not take a  river cruise  on the Rhône or Saône to see the city from a different perspective? Enjoy a relaxing moment with family, friends or even by yourself.
Or you could see Lyon while comfortably seated on a double-decker sightseeing bus !

You can also make the most of the many cultural attractions currently on offer.

If you like exhibitions:

There's the unmissable  Biennial Contemporary Art Festival : 4 venues in Lyon are displaying works by 70 contemporary artists on the theme of Modern Life...

At the Confluences Museum, 4 temporary exhibitions in addition to the permanent exhibition: : 

 - l’Art et la Machine  (Art and the Machine)
 - Dans la chambre des Merveilles  (In the Chamber of Wonders)
 - Before Memory
 - Signes de richesse, inégalités au néolithique (Signs of Richness and Inequality in the Neolithic Age)

At the Museum of Fine Arts
 Don't miss the evening opening if you're here on Friday the 4th: Chantez la Renaissance ! (the museum will remain open until 10 p.m. and there will be various activities linked with the exhibition  Lyon Renaissance – Arts et Humanisme  / Renaissance Lyon – Art and Humanism)

At the Fourvière Gallo-Roman Museum, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, an exhibition pays tribute to its architect,  Bernard Zehrfuss , while the exhibition  Sticks and Stones  combines contemporary art and antiquity.

At the Printing and Graphic Communication Museum, the exhibition  Scoop, a history of the press  throws light on the beginnings of newspapers and their development.

At the Gadagne Museum, find out how  the puppet Guignol  lifted the morale of troops during the First World War. 

In terms of show and concerts, there is also plenty on offer…

See our highlights


If you like shopping or want to buy some Christmas gifts, there's something for all tastes, with the  Christmas Market , independent designers  on the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill, boutiques in the town centre , les large department stores and shopping  centres  , which are already in the festive swing. 


Last, but by no means least, make the most of your break in Lyon to enjoy its gastronomic charms...

You'll find local specialities in Lyon's  bouchon restaurants  and a whole host of other culinary delights, with charming little eateries, famous  restaurants and world cuisine. If you fancy brunch, head for  Les Halles de Lyon  on Sunday morning to enjoy all that this food market has to offer.

Did you choose to come anyway? You made the right choice.





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