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Moroso - M’Afrique Collection, Steven Burks_2009

Lo sguardo laterale. Moroso

From June 21 to September 1, 2013, at the Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts: an exhibition midway between art deco and design!

The well-known house of Moroso emerged as a genuine artistic laboratory, halfway between art deco and design, skilfully combining art with day-to-day items.

To mark Moroso's 60th anniversary, the Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts is exhibiting some of their finest pieces.

The overall atmosphere defies convention, with each item of furniture bringing something new into our day-to-day lives thanks to its shape or upholstery concept.

The delightfully colourful display in the museum courtyard sets the tone for the event! Be sure to view it from all angles, making sure you don't miss the grouping of legendary "Supernatural" chairs on the side!

The idea behind the exhibition is to demonstrate the excellent work produced by the production line, from design through to distribution, with each armchair, chair or curve reflecting the many different facets of Moroso.

Continue your visit by heading for the Carpet & Rug Room which now has a decidedly "pop" feel to it! And don't miss the S-shaped "Confidence" armchair upstairs, perfect for exchanging sweet nothings with your loved one without even needing to turn your head!

Did you enjoy the exhibition? Well there's more to see!
Simply head for the Claude Cartier Décoration showroom in Rue Auguste Comte.

A marvellous exhibition presenting a rather "colourful" view of life, an unusual approach to decor and a fascinating look at the furniture arts and design applied to day-to-day objects! Italian style at its best!





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