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BMES 2014 - Stifters Ding de Heiner Goebbels
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The Musique en Scène biennial festival has its head in the cloud!

From March 5-23, 2014, you can discover an unusual, fantastic world throughout the Greater Lyon area during a lively biennial festival.

Over the space of four weeks,  the biennial festival  

explores contemporary music and its relationship with the other arts including dance, video or the visual arts and with the general public, inspired by the Internet "cloud".

Guest artist Heiner Goebbels is a master when it comes to combining artistic disciplines and can always be counted on to break new ground.

A blank cheque for unbridled creativity combined with artistic and digital experimentation open the way to an extremely original cocktail where there are literally no limits.

Everything is possible! Broken pianos which play alone near a smoke filled pool, a dream warehouse at the museum… There's plenty to capture your imagination, to surprise you and to move you in this unexpected, dreamlike world.

Above all don't miss the Cumulus Day on Saturday, March 29 on the banks of the Saône for a musical trail interspersed with pleasant musical asides… A shared experience between artists from the contemporary scene and the public.

The city's cultural venues are playing their part by welcoming  Musiques en Scènes  including  the Gadagne Museums ,  the MAC , the TNP , les Subistances , Les Célestins , and the theatres and performance venues of Greater Lyon.

The cloud, the Internet, the arts, openness to the world and to others …
 and underpinning it all, an overriding willingness to share!





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