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Marché des Soies 2013
シルクのスカーフ - シルクの市場
Atelier d'ennoblissement au marché des Soies
Marché des Soies

The Silk Market

The Silk Market will be held at the Palais du Commerce from November 28th to December 1st, 2013.

A stylish, timeless and legendary fabric having contributed significantly to raising the international profile of the city of Lyon throughout its history, silk is today enjoying a surprising renaissance.

This year, young designers from Lyon have produced a limited edition headscarf for the occasion. Snap them up while they're available because there won't be enough for everyone!

In addition to designer products and superb materials so you give free rein to your own creativity, the Silk Market also proposes mother-daughter clothes-making workshops to allow you to enjoy a magical moment together, working with high quality fabrics!

The Silk Market is a real treat for anyone with a taste for fine material and stylish accessories.

This event also helps keep one of Lyon’s most noble traditions alive!





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