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Gérard Berliet, ancien tisseur
Les pentes de la Croix-Rousse
Croix-Rousse - Montée de la Grande Côte

Wherever you go in La Croix-Rousse, you'll feel at home

Gérard Berliet, a former weaver

Gérard Berliet, a former weaver, explores the distinctive characteristics of La Croix-Rousse

What makes the district of La Croix Rousse so unique?

Wherever you go in La Croix-Rousse, you'll feel at home from the moment you arrive on the plateau. Summer temperatures tend to be 2 to 3 degrees lower than in the town centre. The air is fresher, and the view is great. La Croix-Rousse is the “hill that works” and Fourvière is the “hill that prays”. You used to be able to hear the weaving looms operating from Fourvière. On the one side, it drops down to the Saône and on the other side to the Rhône. You can't get lost! Just walk straight ahead to find a way out!


Tell us about your life in this district?

There were seven of us in the family, I had four older sisters and two brothers and we were all born nearby. I could almost say that I heard the weaving looms before I heard my mother's voice. As kids, we would go out with a bobbin in our pockets and hang around people looking for mischief. After about five minutes they were entangled by a kind of spider's web and wondered what was happening. It was fun.

Tell us about the area's most emblematic character and place?

There's Jacquard, the inventor of the loom machine that selected the thread to make textiles and fine fabrics.

And then there's also the Gros Caillou or "Big Rock" as it is affectionately known. They say that this is a boulder that was left behind by glacier erratic and was rounded off by the Rhône river , but that goes back a long way. I was very young.

La Croix Rousse is my village. We mustn't forget that it was independent - it was a “free zone”, which was attached to Lyon in 1852. There was a world of difference between this hill and the city.




04/05/2015 10:00

C'est maintenant mon quartier - ancienne parisienne je suis tombée sous le charme de Lyon en 1963 malgré le déchirement de quitter la Capitale. Je m'en suis éloignée pour vivre au bord de l'Océan, mais je reviens et l'accueil des croixroussiens et sans égal. De toute ma vie je n'ai jamais entendu autant de "BIENVENUE". J'ai beaucoup de chance de pouvoir habiter sur le plateau.




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