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Stéphane D'Orazio, membre de l'association Artis Mirabilis
Cathédrale Saint-Jean
Gargouilles en façade de Saint-Jean
Quartier Saint Jean dans le Vieux-Lyon

A haven of peace

Stéphane D'Orazio, a member of the Artis Mirabilis association.

Stéphane D'Orazio, a member of the Artis Mirabilis association, helps us discover all the nooks and crannies of the Saint-Jean district

When is the best time to enjoy a stroll in the Saint-Jean quarter?

People often stroll in the St Jean area on Sundays. It is a medieval district that is enjoying something of a comeback, with its cathedral and its newly restored facade; bright, fresh and attractive.

Naturally, when visiting the district, you just can't miss the traboules. Actually, I take that back, you can miss them if the doors are closed...

The traboules are a series of passageways which lead you from one street to another running parallel to that street. These traboules were built back in the Renaissance period between the 14th and 16th centuries.

What makes the district so special?

The squares, the traboules, the architecture with its "loggias", the Renaissance turrets and naturally the presence of illustrious Italian families who set up home here.

Some of them are very famous, like the Gadagnes. That reminds me of an expression you don't hear very often in Lyon anymore: "Rich as Gadagne".

There are also plenty of other charming places, such as the traboules in Rue St Jean that leads to Rue Des Trois Maries and which has been restored over the years.




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