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Esra Önat
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Esra Önat, La Cave Chromatique

You will have to forget about the type of grape variety and choose your wine rather on flavour, texture and aroma.

Describe the concept of the establishment?

The concept of the establishment is simple and intuitive; the wines are not displayed by regions but rather by character depending on the wine. Each section is colour coded; the colour enables you to really get a sense of the type of wine and the flavours and aromas you will encounter. For example the light yellow wall represents fruity flavours such as peaches and apricots, whereas; the deep red wall represents richness and depth. This new innovative way of representing the wines really enables you to view the wines in a new and colourful manner. You will have to forget about the type of grape variety and rather choose by flavour, texture and scent.

What wines do you specialise in?

Cave Chromatique principally specialises in regional wines, the French tend to be very proud of their region and usually buy wine only from their own region. We specialise in the regional wines generally known as Côtes-du-Rhône; however, they vary depending on stature and quality.


Describe the tastes, textures and aromas of the wines?

The wines are arranged depending on its character, character is the common denominator, after that, they are separated depending on taste. Cave Chromatique offers many different types of wines, some include; fruity and floral, elegant and silky, peppery and spicy, rich and aromatic or robust. With this vast choice you are sure to find one wine variety that you will like.





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