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Damien Pousset
© Claire Morel

Contemporary music: a touch of otherworldliness and fantasy

Damien Pousset, Artistic Director of the "Musiques en Scène" biennial festival

From March 5-29, 2014, the Musiques en Scène biennial festival invites you to discover contemporary music. With stripped-down pianos playing unaided alongside smoking basins, a ‘dream store’ at the museum or a musical trail on the river banks, you’ll be entering an astonishing and almost dreamlike world.

Could you tell us a little about the Musiques en Scène biennial festival? 

For 22 years now, the  biennial  has involved various institutions in Lyon in the world of contemporary music (MAC, Opéra, TNP, Célestins, Auditorium, Musée Gadagne, and more).
Grame , our contemporary music creation and distribution company is organising this event to bring internationally renowned artists to the city, to create works with artists from Lyon drawn from different backgrounds and to get this music better known by the general public. This year, we have worked on a programme featuring the theme of the cloud in the "cloud computing" and networking sense.

How would you define contemporary music? 

I suppose you could describe it as today's classical music. It’s written by composers with classical training who work on unusual and original sounds combining classical and electronic music. It’s often combined with other arts such as dance or the theatre and this is what we want to help people discover with our event programme.
 Just like contemporary art, it may appear somewhat strange but it generates curiosity and stimulates particular emotions.

What will be the highlight of the 2014 biennial?

We have invited Heiner Goebbels, an international star, for the greatest retrospective of his work ever organised. Among his works, characterised by their poetry, originality and a mixture of genres, you can see   Stifters Dinge at the TNP: a huge, 20-metre long automaton comprised of 5 stripped-down pianos, a tree and basins.
 You can contribute your dreams at the Musée Gadagne to inspire a collective work involving two flute players who will be creating a live musical piece between Lyon and New York.
 We will also be organising a "Cumulus Day", a huge artistic walk along the banks of the Saône, open to everyone.
 Many other  events  are also available, all designed to encourage the public to dream... And to think. 

What's the best place to:

Enjoy an andouillette and a quenelle
 At Le Garet  in the first district, both for the atmosphere and the excellent products they serve.

Go for a romantic walk 
In the grounds of the  Villa Gillet  at La Croix-Rousse, a very romantic place.

Meet the "real" people of Lyon 
At the MAC because this is a museum which really belongs to the people of Lyon.

At Les Docks 40 , to discover the new Confluence district.

Buy a souvenir of Lyon
At  Les Halles Paul Bocuse  to take back some delicious Lyonnais treats!





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