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Daniel Boulens © Ville de Lyon
Roseraie du parc de la Tête d'Or © Ville de Lyon
Vue du parc © Muriel Chaulet
© Ville de Lyon
© Ville de Lyon
© Muriel Chaulet

Lyon – Capital of the Rose

Daniel Boulens, Parks & Gardens Manager for the City of Lyon.

For the past 150 years, Lyon has been cultivating the art of the rose by creating new, prestigious varieties. This year, the city welcomes renowned specialists and lovers of roses from around the world for their convention. An opportunity to celebrate the queen of flowers throughout the city.

How did Lyon become a capital of the rose?

This tradition dates back to the end of the 19th century. Lyon was particularly well-known for its strong growth in horticulture and market gardening, with renowned professionals in the field. Among these were rose growers, such as the famous Jean-Baptiste André Guillot, who created the rose known as "La France" in 1867, which was first in the line of modern roses that can be found today. History recounts that Empress Joséphine contributed to the dynamism and creativity of Lyon's rose growers with a large donation of plants, including roses. It is estimated that between 1850 and 1920, Lyon became a world reference with the creation of more than 3000 rose varieties, more than 100 of which bear the name of Lyon or one of its various districts. The three world fairs of 1872, 1894 and 1914 also contributed to the city's renown in the field of horticulture.

What will the year of the rose involve in Lyon?

Lyon is hosting the prestigious  World Convention of Rose Societies , which has never been held in France before! Three local associations are organising the event, in partnership with the city of Lyon: the  Société Française des Roses , the  Société Lyonnaise d’Horticulture  and the association Roses Anciennes en France . Conferences, exhibitions and visits will be held from the 26th of May to the 1st of June at Cité Internationale and in Lyon's most beautiful gardens.

How will the rose be celebrated around the city? 

The city is organising the ' Festival Mondial de la Rose ' to mark the convention, which will see exhibitions organised in numerous institutions in Lyon from April to mid-October. For example, the Gadagne Museums will be taking a look back at the history of the rose in Lyon, the Printing Museum will present the "Jardin des Imprimeurs" (Printers' Garden), the municipal archives will be exhibiting photos of the creation of Tête d'Or Park's rose gardens, and an original and colourful exhibition on the rose will be held at the Orangerie in Tête d'Or Park from the 4th of April. Beautiful gardens will also be moving in to urban spaces, such as the City Hall's courtyard. Lastly, Tête d’Or Park will be celebrating the rose with numerous activities on the 30th and 31st of May.

Do you have any rose-growing tips for readers?

Absolutely: it's important to have a diverse range of varieties. At Tête d’Or Park, we don't use any chemical products, so we select varieties according to how well they stand up to the cold and diseases. This is the best way to naturally grow beautiful rosebushes.

Ses coups de cœur lyonnais : 

Où déguster une andouillette et une quenelle ?
At home, for a quenelle dumpling prepared by my wife, with pike caught by my son! And as for the andouillette, the last time at  La Voûte Chez Léa , on Place Gourjus, was excellent!  

Où faire une balade romantique ? 

In  Tête d’Or Park  bien sûr ou sur les berges de Saône .

Où rencontrer des « vrais » Lyonnais ?
Dans un bistrot place de la Croix-Rousse ou à côté place des Tapis.

Où faire la fête ?
Sur les péniches des quais du Rhône.

Où acheter un souvenir lyonnais ?
A l’Office du Tourisme pour la gamme Only Lyon ou chez un chocolatier pour les coussins lyonnais.





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