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Anne Schetelat - guide Croix-Rousse
Gros caillou de la Croix-Rousse
Croix-Rousse - Montée de la Grande Côte
Cour des Voraces - Fête des Lumières
Gros caillou de la Croix-Rousse ©

Croix Rousse and its Architecture

Anne Schetelat, tourist guide

Anne Schetelat, a tourist guide at La Croix-Rousse, takes us to explore the slopes of La Croix-Rousse. She explains the specific architecture to be found in this suburb overlooking Lyon's Presqu'île district.

What makes La Croix-Rousse's architecture so charming?

What makes the Croix-Rousse's traboules so charming is perhaps the industrial and working-class nature of the architecture. This architectural style is specific to the late 19th century, including extremely simple houses. But thanks to it, we soon appreciate the importance of the silk industry, which was Lyon's main industry back in the 19th century, when these buildings were erected.



What sets this apart from the cities other traboules?

Everything. In fact I don't know if they are really comparable. The underlying system is the same for the traboules in la Croix-Rousseand the other traboules  in Old Lyon. Essentially, it's still a passageway enabling us to travel from street to street passing through the buildings. On the other hand, the historical era is completely different, with the traboules in La Croix-Rousse dating from the 19th century. This is working-class architecture. On the other hand, Old Lyon is an example of Renaissance and medieval architecture. So I don't know if the two are comparable, even if both constitute a system of shortcuts for getting from street to street.

What is your favourite place in La Croix-Rousse?

My favourite traboule in la Croix-Rousseis also the best-known of them all: La Cour des Voraces. It's probably the largest and in any case the most beautiful, with its magnificent and majestic stairway. A huge courtyard in which we can really appreciate the scale of the industrial activities that went on behind the windows, where the silk industry once thrived.

What part of La Croix-Rousse offers the best view of the city?

You can get a good view from the l'Esplanade du Gros Caillou. And from the terrace, near Place de la Croix-Rousse, with a fantastic view taking in Fourvière, the river Saône and Old Lyon. On the other hand, l'Esplanade du Gros Caillou is located on the Rhône side, with a view across theAlps.





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