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David Fontaine
Le Transbordeur (crédit Brice Robert)
Concert au Transbordeur (crédit : Brice Robert)
Le Club Transbo (crédit Brice Robert)
© Brice Robert

The "Transbo", from electric rock to electronic rock

David Fontaine, assistant manager of the Transbordeur and in charge of the programme

Rock, hip hop, electro, new French variety music: the "electric rock" concert hall which is the historic haunt of the inhabitants of Lyon has diversified its programme by including all forms of modern music. 

What does the Transbordeur programme include?

The Transbordeur  built up its history around the rock scene, by hosting groups such as New Order, Radiohead and Daft Punk, prior to extending its programme to all forms of modern music. With a house capacity of 1,800 people, we now host essential groups during tours, on the local scene, a few comedy shows and a great programme of electro music.

What are the hall's essential events? 

Apart from the concerts scheduled within the scope of tours, we organise several great meetings throughout the year: L'Original, which is a hip hop festival held around Easter, our summer programme of open-air dances and concerts and the Discover fair in June, when the stage is open to professionals and amateurs alike. We also take part in the programme of great events organised in Lyon, such as  Nuits Sonores .

What do you think of Lyon's offer in terms of modern music?

It's extremely varied, with some twenty very complementary halls, from electro music at the  Sucre , specialised rock at the  Sonic  and jazz at the  Périscope … In Lyon, we have managed to set up site exchanges and put on great events. Electronic music is really dynamic and Lyon's scene is famous abroad with some very ambitious locations, such as the Transbordeur, among others. And the public is close on our heels: we're in a position to offer a niche programme in terms of electro music, and are on equal footing with Paris and Berlin!


His Lyonnais favourites 

Where's the best place to enjoy an andouillette and a quenelle?
At Tête de Canut on the Croix-Rousse plateau, but on a take-away basis only.

Where's the best place for a romantic stroll?
On Abbé Larue belvedere in the 5th arrondissement, for the uninterrupted view over the town and the peace and quiet! 

Where's the best place to meet "real" Lyonnais people?
At the Saint-Antoine refreshment stall, after the Sunday morning market. 

Where's the best place to party? 
At the  Monkey Club to enjoy an excellent cocktail, at the  Sonic  for its top-quality rock and at the  Sucre  for all-night entertainment!





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