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Ayers Rock Boat

Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Ayers Rock Boat ©
Moored on the banks of the Rhône river opposite the Hôtel-Dieu, Ayers Rock Boat Rock offers concerts, Dj Live electro, cocktails, catering and privatization.
Boasting a stunning view over the Hôtel-Dieu, Ayers Rock Boat, a 70-metre-long former icebreaker, has more than 600 sq. m of floor space and three areas. The cosy and charming Tiki bar, at the prow of the ship, boasts a great selection of cocktails and Hawaiian style décor. The Deck Bar (on the upper deck) has a bar and restaurant offering a unique view over Lyon. A fantastic place to come on a summer evening, where you can enjoy the sun or have some tapas in the shade, while enjoying the DJ's set. The inside of the boat (appropriately named 'L'Inside') has two ten-metre-long bars, a dance floor and a stage. This modular space can be transformed into a concert venue for rock bands. The Ayers Rock Boat can also be hired as an original venue for private events. Our various areas enable us to adapt to your needs and requirements. The team is here to offer advice for the planning of your various events. The restaurant is open during the warm months, from April to October. During the winter period, the team can call on the services of a caterer.


Room hire, Restaurant, Fast food


Air conditioning, Parking

Langues parlées

English, French


Face au 21 quai Victor Augagneur 69003 Lyon 3ème

電話番号 : 04 72 84 98 98


Open from Apr. 1st to Sept 30th, open on Sun., Mon, and Tue.: 4 pm-1 am and from Wed. to Sat.: 4 pm-6 am.
Open from Oct. 1st to March 31st, from Thu. to Sat.: 8 pm-6 am. Privatization for events.


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