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Diego Rivera Tribute wall painting

Fresque Hommage à Diego Rivera ©
Fresque Hommage à Diego Rivera ©
Floodlit painted wall on Mexican history. 3 trompe-l’oeils on 2 buildings at the end of the road, showing Inca pyramids with windows paying tribute to the work of the Mexican mural painter Diego Rivera, one of the fathers of mural art.
This mural (450m²) was requested by the Diego Rivera Foundation and the daughter of Diego Rivera to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. Diego considered painting to be something “belonging to the people and destined for them”. This mural was painted by the Cité de la Création and inaugurated the 4th December 2007. Diego Rievera was born 8th December 1886 in Guanajuato, and died 24th November in Mexico. He arrived in Europe in 1907 – first in Barcelona, then moving to Paris to live and work among the artists in Montparnasse. At the beginning of 1920, after the end of the Mexican revolution, he returned to Mexico to try painting on a larger scale. His most famous work is at the Institute of Art in Detroit.


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